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THE INFRASTRUCTURE LATERAL POINT REPAIR SYSTEM is a cutting edge innovation that can be pushed or pulled through a 4” or larger cleanout for a truly trenchless lateral repair. Our liners are sewn together with patented melt away strings and pop open Velcro straps to securely hold them in place on the carrier or bladder while navigating through even a 90 degree, 4” elbow. This easy to use ambient cure, two part, no shrink or creep, epoxy system comes in a complete kit to give customers a fast and effective repair for cracked or even a missing piece of lateral pipe. With summer and winter formulations, repairs can be done at any time. Tests prove it is as strong as the host pipe and a permanent repair with a 100-year life certification.

  • Push or Pull delivery
  • Sewn Felt / Fiberglass Liners / Patented Hook & Loop Straps, Strings
  • Liners are Measured & Cut & Sewn for Any Size Pipe
  • Summer & Winter Formulations
  • ASTM 1216 Certified
  • Environmentally Safe - Zero VOC's
  • 14 Years Proven Performance & Service
  • Over 25,000 Successful Point Repairs in the Ground

Lateral Tools & Equipment Package

Infrastructure Repair Systems has created a package that saves you time and money with the equipment and tools needed to complete your lateral point repair jobs. The Equipment and Tool Package includes a portable air tank assembled and tested with all the gauges, regulator, valves and fittings; push rod on a portable reel; air hose and rope on heavy duty portable reels with all the proper fittings; along with thermometers, clamps and many miscellaneous items to prepare you for trouble-free installations.


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Infrastructure Repair System Point Repair Technical Spec .pdf

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100 YEAR Certification IRSI complete .pdf

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Best on the Market .pdf

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Sole Source Statement/ Made in America .pdf

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Fl. MBE Certification .pdf

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