Point Repair

The “Infrastructure Point Repair System” is a dependable, no-dig, ambient cure, system to repair any size pipe with no interruption of service. A crew of 3-4 with a camera truck, an inflatable carrier or bladder, and an “Infrastructure Point Repair Kit” is all that is needed to spot repair a damaged 3”- 42” pipe up to 15 feet in length in 2.5 - 3 hours.  The complete, user friendly pipe repair kit features a patented, easy to wrap stay in place, sewn, fiberglass and felt liner, that is available in different thicknesses with pre-measured epoxy formulated for summer or winter. This system has been engineer ASTM 1216 certified, has a 100-year life certification and is environmentally safe with over 16 years of proven performance and 35,000 repairs in the ground. Training is done at your facility in 3-4 days. This includes training kits, a carrier or bladder with flow thru, in shop practice, and 3 completed spot repairs.

The quick and easy process of the “Infrastructure Point Repair System” is as follows.

1. On site, wet out the liner with pre-measured epoxy formulation.

2. Wrap saturated liner around carrier and secure with our patented                  
straps and strings.

3. Insert carrier, with the liner into the manhole and pull to center of damage area.

4. Inflate carrier, with a flow thru, there is no interruption of service.

5. In 2.5 – 3 hours pull deflated bladder, leaving the new pipe within the damaged host pipe.

6. Clean up is environmentally friendly and completely disposable.