Picture Gallery

8" Carrier and Liner Insertion

15" Carrier Preparation

Clay Pipe Joint Repair

Company Photo

Completed IRSI Point Repair

Cutout Pipe Shows Repair

Infragard and Chim Coat Manhole Rehabilitation

Infragard application to Concrete Wall

Insert Lateral Liner in Cleanout for Repair

Insertion 8" Mainline Point Repair

IRSI Truck and Point Repair Trailer

Leader in Trenchless Point Repair

Liner and Carrier Layout

Liner Wet Out

Mainline Point Repair Liner and Carrier

Manhole Rehabilitation Products Model

Point Repair Preparation

Missing Piece of Pipe Before Repair

Missing Piece of Pipe After Repair

Wet Out of a 15" Liner

Wrapping Wet Out Liner

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